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Prescribing analysis

Server for Prescribing Information Reporting and Analysis (SPIRA)

The Server for Prescribing Information Reporting and Analysis (SPIRA) is an online interactive programme for comparative analysis of prescribing data. Data is displayed in dashboards for Low Priority for Funding Medicines, National Prescribing Indicators (NPIs) and Biosimilar Efficiencies. The Low Priority for Funding Medicines dashboard is updated on a monthly basis and the other dashboards are updated on a quarterly basis.

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Prescribing analysis publications

NHS Wales inhaler carbon footprint reports

Monthly reports on the carbon footprint of inhaler use within primary care in Wales.

NHS Wales prescribing interval reports

Monthly summary reports on progress for increasing prescribing intervals within primary care in Wales.

Annual prescribing reports

AWTTC have developed the following annual prescribing reports for health boards in Wales. These are individualised, comparative reports that give the health board's ranking and progress with regard to a series of measures in relation to the other health boards.

Monitoring of medicines appraised by NICE and AWMSG

This paper is intended to inform AWMSG of progress made in monitoring the usage of medicines appraised by AWMSG and the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE).

Primary care prescribing analysis - medicines used in diabetes

This document has been prepared by the Welsh Analytical Prescribing Support Unit (WAPSU) to provide a detailed analysis of diabetes therapeutic area prescribing at national, health board and GP cluster level.

Primary care prescribing analysis for Tramadol

These documents have been prepared by the Welsh Analytical Prescribing Support Unit (WAPSU) to support the tramadol educational resource materials, endorsed by AWMSG in November 2013.

Respiratory prescribing analysis with cluster level comparators

This paper provides an analysis of primary care prescribing in Wales and England for medicines and preparations within the respiratory therapeutic area for the period July 2013–June 2014.

GP cluster level comparators

This report outlines a proposed method for the development of cluster group comparators, based on socio-economic similarity and disease prevalence, to enable benchmarking of prescribing.

Primary care prescribing analysis 2012-2013 gluten-free products

This document reviews the prescribing of gluten-free products in Wales, with reference to the All Wales Guide to Prescribing Gluten-free Products.

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