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Work in progress

Click on the links or scroll down the page for information about work currently in progress by category. Please note that information summarised on this page is subject to change.

Open consultations

We produce prescribing guidance and other medicines resources to help patients and healthcare professionals in Wales make sure that medicines are used effectively and appropriately. When we produce these resources, we think it's important that people who might be affected by them have a chance to tell us their views. 

We ask patients and carers, patient organisations, prescribers and other healthcare professionals to comment on the resources we're developing. We'd like your views on the resources we're currently working on, listed below. You don't need to comment on the whole document; only on parts that seem relevant to you.

We don't have any consultations open at the moment but please check back here regularly for updates.

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Medicines appraisals

Patients, carers and patient organisations - please see our New medicines needing your views page for answers to some questions you might have about making a submission.

Clinical experts - please see our Clinical expert opinion for medicine appraisals page for background information.

We'd like to receive your submission before the stated deadline (so we can prepare the meeting papers). But we'll still try to include any that arrive late.

Medicine name: emtricitabine/tenofovir alafenamide fumarate (Descovy®)

Reference number: 2566

Indication: Pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) to reduce the risk of sexually acquired HIV-1 infection in at‑risk men who have sex with men, including adolescents (with body weight at least 35 kg).

Patient and carer submission: Download form or submit online

Patient organisation submission: Download form or submit online

Clinical experts submission: Download form

Submission deadline: 07/05/2023

AWMSG meeting date: 11/07/2023

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Medicines optimisation projects

Title: All Wales protocol for the appropriate prescribing of antipsychotics for people living with dementia

Status: Consultation completed

Remit: The aim of this prescribing protocol is to guide best practice in the use of antipsychotics in people living with dementia, and where possible, reduce unnecessary psychotropic prescribing.

Estimated publication date: December 2023-February 2024

Title: Withdrawal of national desflurane contract in Wales

Status: Consultation completed

Remit: This document sets out recommendations for the national withdrawal of desflurane, due to its excessive environmental impact, lack of clinical benefit when compared to more recently available alternatives, and its high cost.

Estimated publication date: September-November 2023

Title: All Wales Policy for Medicines Administration, Recording, Review, Storage and Disposal (update)

Status: Consultation completed

Remit: This updated MARRS policy ensures practice is aligned with changes to legislation and medicines management guidelines. The guidance will ensure that medicines management is delivered in a consistent and standardised manner according to evidence-based and best practice.

Estimated publication date: December 2023-February 2024

Title:  All Wales Adult Asthma Management and Prescribing Guidelines (update 2023)

Status: Consultation completed

Remit: This updated guideline developed by the Respiratory Health Implementation Group has been expanded to include a new treatment regimen for mild asthma and some unlicensed treatment options, in line with other adult asthma national guidance. Where appropriate, newly available inhaler options have also been incorporated

Estimated publication date: December 2023-February 2024

Title:  All Wales Common Ailments Service formulary – Monograph for urinary tract infection in women

Status: Consultation completed

Remit: In August 2023, the latest iteration of the ‘All Wales Common Ailments Service formulary’ document was published following consultation and AWMSG endorsement. The Welsh Medicines Advice Service (WMAS) are now looking to add an additional monograph on urinary tract infections (UTIs) in women.

Estimated publication date: December 2023-February 2024

Title:  Initial clinical management of nicotine withdrawal in adults in secondary care

Status: Consultation completed

Remit: This is an update to the document ‘Initial clinical management of adult smokers in secondary care’. The document gives information and guidance on the initiation of nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) in secondary care settings in NHS Wales, for management of nicotine withdrawal in adults who smoke. It has been reviewed and updated to include information on the use of vapes.

Estimated publication date: December 2023-February 2024

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One Wales Medicine assessments

There are no assessments currently in progress.

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Policies, strategies and other publications


Title: Revised process for paediatric minor licence extensions

Summary: Revision of the paediatric licence extension appraisal process to improve access to paediatric licence extensions and facilitate access to medicines where the service benefits and/or patient need is greatest.

Estimated publication date: May/June 2023

Document: Revised process for paediatric minor licence extensions (PDF, 54Kb)

Title: Review of AWMSG processes to support medicines access in NHS Wales

Summary: Revision of processes to improve access to medicines

Estimated publication date: Summer/Autumn 2023

Document: Review of AWMSG processes to support medicines access in NHS Wales (PDF, 54Kb)

Title: AWMSG annual report 2023-2024

Summary: Review of the activities and achievements of the All Wales Medicine Strategy Group (AWMSG) between April 2023 and March 2024.

Estimated publication date: September 2024

View previous AWMSG annual reports

Title: IPFR annual report 2022-2023

Summary: Review of Individual Patient Funding Request activity in Wales between April 2022 and March 2023. 

Estimated publication date: September 2023

View previous IPFR annual reports

Title: AWMSG Five Year Strategy 2023–2028

Summary: A strategy defining the priority aims and objectives of AWMSG and partner organisations for the next five years.

Estimated publication date: October 2023

View current AWMSG strategy

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