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Access to medicines in Wales

AWTTC is currently reviewing AWMSG processes which support medicines access in NHS Wales. As the medicines access landscape across the UK is changing, we are adapting our processes to ensure routes of access to medicines in Wales meet the needs of patients, healthcare professionals and the NHS in Wales. Our review is ongoing and we will provide an update by Spring 2024.

In the meantime we encourage companies to send any enquiries relating to submissions for medicine appraisal to us at Alternatively, companies can provide information regarding planned medicine launches by completing and submitting a Form A.

For further information please see our Review of AWMSG processes to support medicines access in NHS Wales document.

Welsh Government aims to make sure that patients in Wales have quick and fair access to medicines. There are four processes to approve medicines for use in NHS Wales. Our document Pathways for access to medicines in NHS Wales gives more information.


Our video summarises the different ways medicines are made available in Wales.


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