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National Prescribing Indicators 2018-2019

The NPIs for 2018–2019 comprise twelve  measures focusing on seven therapeutic areas and the reporting of adverse events. There are two new NPIs for 2018-2019: Prescribing Safety Indicators and Yellow Card reporting in secondary care and by the public.

⇩ National Prescribing Indicators 2018–2019 1,233KB (PDF)

Associated resources:

⇩ National Prescribing Indicators 2018–2019: Supporting Information for Prescribers 257KB (PDF)
⇩ National Prescribing Indicators 2018–2019 - Slide Set 2,602KB (PowerPoint)
⇩ National Prescribing Indicators 2018–2019 - Specifications 265KB (PDF)
⇩ Local Comparators 2018–2019 216KB (PDF)
National Prescribing Indicators 2018-2019: Quarterly reports

Quarterly reports summarising the performance of each health board against the 2018-2019 set of National Prescribing Indicators.

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