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AWMSG Annual Report 2022–2023 published

The All Wales Medicines Strategy Group (AWMSG) has published its annual report for 2022–2023.

AWMSG celebrated a big milestone in 2022, marking its 20th anniversary with a conference highlighting its work over the past two decades. Since 2002, AWMSG has appraised more than 420 medicines and recommended over 375 of them, and published around 790 pieces of advice.

In the latest annual report, you can read more about all the projects AWMSG has been working on throughout 2022–2023.

The outputs from the nine AWMSG meetings held during 2022–2023, included:

  • 17 medicines appraised and all 17 recommended
  • 8 medicines optimisation publications published
  • 14 National Prescribing Indicators monitored throughout the year
  • 3 Wales Patient Access Schemes processed.

The report explains the importance of involving patients and the public in AWMSG’s work, how the patient voice is heard, and how people can get involved.

AWMSG acknowledges the support of health boards in Wales for allowing staff to serve as committee members, and the support of all healthcare professionals who work with AWTTC to develop best practice guidance or take part in consultations and medicine appraisals.

The annual report describes the relationship between AWMSG and the pharmaceutical industry, who both share a common goal of improving health outcomes for patients.

Professor Iolo Doull, Chair of AWMSG, said: “The last year has seen the NHS in Wales face unprecedented pressures. The need for independent expert advice on medicines to enable people to achieve the best possible health outcomes has arguably never been greater.

“Ensuring that NHS Wales gets the best value from its investment in medicines became difficult but also important, with more people taking more medicines.

“Despite these challenges, the All Wales Medicines Strategy Group continued its role of advising Welsh Government on the best use of medicines, and working collaboratively with key partners.”

AWMSG’s annual report was compiled by AWTTC. You can read the full 2022–2023 AWMSG annual report here.

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