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Value-based prescribing – Strategy

The All Wales Medicines Strategy Group (AWMSG) aims to encourage the prescribing of medicines that offer the best health outcomes improving the quality of life for patients living in Wales. The overall aim of the value-based prescribing programme is to optimise the usage of medicines to deliver increased value.

The purpose of this document is to set out the strategic approach for the value-based prescribing programme; summarising the background to the work and providing a structure for the proposed work to progress.

⇩ Value-based prescribing - Strategy 174KB (PDF)

(June 2022)

Medicines included within the value-based prescribing programme are categorised into five domains, as illustrated below.

Diagram listing sub-domains of value-based prescribing; increased patient safety, increased efficiency, higher health gain, environmental benefit, and increased equity

To find out more about the medicines currently included in each domain, please use the following links:

(Other domains will be listed as they are populated by appropriate items)

Associated resources

Data related to the value-based prescribing programme are made available through the Server for Prescribing Information Reporting and Analysis (SPIRA).

Equality and Health Impact Assessment (EqHIA) form

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