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All Wales paediatric asthma management and prescribing guidelines

The All Wales Paediatric Asthma Management and Prescribing Guidelines have been developed as part of an integrated approach to standardise care across Wales for children with respiratory disease. This has been achieved through collaboration between the Welsh Paediatric Respiratory Network, with representatives from all hospitals in Wales, and the Respiratory Health Implementation Group (RHIG).

Paediatric asthma is different to adult asthma in aetiology and in differential diagnosis. Different ages require different treatment considerations. This document sets out the patient pathway for Wales, explicit in management options for each healthcare setting, referral thresholds, and national medication choices. It is a document for a national, standardised, safer and sustainable approach to asthma care in children.

The document is based on recommendations from the British Thoracic Society and Scottish Intercollegiate British Guideline on the management of asthma (2019), NICE Guideline NG80, and the Global Initiative for Asthma (GINA): Asthma management and prevention guidelines (2022).


⇩ All Wales Paediatric Asthma Management and Prescribing Guidelines 1.7MB (PDF)

(June 2023)

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