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National Prescribing Indicators 2017-2018

National Prescribing Indicators (NPIs) for 2017–2018 comprise fourteen primary care measures focusing on seven therapeutic areas and the reporting of adverse events. Three of these primary care measures are new for 2017–2018 and two of these new NPIs will be monitored via Audit+ data. There are also three secondary care measures, as in 2016–2017.

⇩ National Prescribing Indicators 2017–2018 1,838KB (PDF)

Associated resources:

⇩ National Prescribing Indicators 2017–2018: Supporting Information for Prescribers 295KB (PDF)
⇩ National Prescribing Indicators 2017–2018 - Slide Set 1,813KB (PowerPoint)
National Prescribing Indicators 2017-2018: Quarterly reports

Quarterly reports summarising the performance of each health board against the 2017-2018 set of National Prescribing Indicators.

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