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AWTTC work programme 2022–2023 (Consultation)

AWTTC is developing its 2022–2023 work programme with planned new work being categorised into the following priority areas:

  • Supporting the NHS as it responds to and recovers from COVID-19
  • Improving the value the NHS gets from its investment in medicines
  • Promoting Wales’ role in UK life sciences
  • Minimising medicines-related harm
  • Improving sustainability.

We welcome your comments on the topics and new work planned for inclusion in the work programme for 2022–2023, to ensure that AWTTC continues to be relevant to the needs of the NHS in Wales.

AWTTC’s core activity, which has been agreed by Welsh Government and is routinely undertaken, does not form part of this consultation.

Closing date: 5 pm, Monday 4 July 2022

AWTTC work programme 2022-2023 - Consultation draft 271KB (PDF)
AWTTC work programme 2022-2023 - Consultation pro-forma 55KB (Word document)
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