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The management of ventricular dysrhythmia in aconite poisoning: a review of published cases

Author/s Coulson J, Thompson J
Year 2014
Type of publication Conference proceeding

Objective: Aconite toxicity is frequently complicated by ventricular dysrhythmia. The current advice cited on TOXBASE® is to “treat arrhythmias conventionally.” This study reviewed the published clinical evidence in order to rationalize the management of aconite-induced ventricular dysrhythmia.

Method: A review of the English literature was conducted using the search terms “aconite,” “aconite + poisoning,” and “aconite + dysrhythmia”.

Results: Forty cases of probable aconite-induced ventricular dysrhythmia were identified.

Conclusion: Consideration should be given to the following: early administration of bicarbonate in the presence of ECG changes; a role for class 1c agents, ideally flecainide, if there is no history of structural heart disease; the importance of prolonged resuscitation.

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