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Updates to AWMSG recommendations review process including publication of new static list

Changes to the way AWMSG final appraisal recommendations are reviewed, including the publication of a ‘static’ list, have been implemented.  

All positive recommendations published since October 2011 have been reviewed every three years to ensure  AWMSG’s recommendations remain valid. The review process, using a checklist, identifies any significant changes to the evidence since first publication that might affect the original advice. In over 10 years, less than 5% percentage of recommendations have required an update. Therefore, it was decided to amend the process to focus more on identifying those medicines most likely to benefit from further investigation or re-assessment.

All recommendations continue to be reviewed 3 years after first publication involving an independent literature search, but using an updated checklist. Now if it is clear that no new evidence is likely to be published that would have any material effect on the current advice, the recommendation is moved to the AWMSG static list.  Recommendations not suitable for inclusion on the static list are kept under active review and considered for possible re-appraisal if appropriate. Recommendations on the static list may be transferred back to the active review list if new evidence does become available that might affect the recommendation issued.

The updated review process was endorsed by the AWMSG Steering Committee and supported by the AWTTC Industry Forum.

The AWMSG static list is available at This list is expected to grow as more medicines are reviewed using the updated process.

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