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British Toxicology Society Annual Congress 2023

Patient safety and medicine-related harm reduction are key objectives for AWTTC. The British Toxicological Society (BTS) is the principle forum for toxicology within the UK and drives excellence in toxicology. Hence, the work of AWTTC (including the Welsh National Poisons Unit (WNPU)) are directly relevant to one another.

The Welsh National Poisons Unit recently attended the BTS Annual Congress 2023 in April, in Birmingham, UK. The principle themes of the Congress were dose-response characterisation, nano- and micro- particle toxicity and, the relationship between pharmacology and toxicology.

For the first time in the Congress’ history, a joint clinical symposium was hosted between the British Pharmacological Society and the BTS. Dr Laurence Gray, Director of the WNPU, delivered the prestigious key note speech for the symposium on: The Role of Clinical Toxicology: Establishing the Relationship Between Pharmacology and Toxicology. The speech was very well received by all, helped all better understand the important interactions between pharmacology and toxicology in optimising treatment for patients, and helped raise the profile of the WNPU.

Alongside the keynote speech delivered by Dr Gray, the WNPU was also able to present two conference posters on the use of methylene blue in the treatment of metformin poisoning, and a review of paracetamol poisoning in children and adolescents. Both resulted in interesting discussions with other conference participants, and helped conference participants understand better some of the work of the National Poisons Information Service.

Overall, the BTS Annual Congress provided an excellent platform to share further the work of the WNPU and, for those attending, helped them to better develop their understanding of clinical toxicology and the work of the BTS. Further information regarding the BTS Annual Congress is available at:

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