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AWTTC's new animation aimed at improving inhaler prescribing, use and disposal in Wales

22 May 2024

Used, unwanted or out-of-date inhalers must go back to community pharmacy for safe disposal. Many end up in landfill which is not the correct place and is also not good for the environment.

In Wales we have a national strategy to improve the prescribing, use and disposal of inhalers. In support of this strategy AWTTC, worked with Welsh Government, Public Health Wales, Asthma and Lung UK and Cardiff Metropolitan University to produce a short patient information film explaining how managing a lung condition including asthma and COPD correctly will not only help people feel better, but will also help the environment.

The animation, which will be shown in Primary and Secondary settings in Wales, provides useful information and encourages people to ask for an annual respiratory review.



An annual respiratory review provides an opportunity for people to discuss their respiratory action plan. They will be told about new inhaler options and how to switch to one safely. There are many inhaler options which may be more suitable, including low carbon inhalers which don’t contain gases that can harm the environment.

The NHS in Wales spends more than £74 million on inhalers each year so it is important that people only order the inhalers they need. Wasted inhalers not only cost money but are also harmful to the environment.

Remember - do not throw any used or unwanted inhalers into your household rubbish.

If you would like more information speak to a doctor, nurse or pharmacist or sign up to the Health Hub or call the Asthma and Lung UK help line on 0300 22 25 800 Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm or online at

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