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Advice approved for two medicines assessed through the One Wales Medicines process

Health Board Chief Executives in Wales have approved advice for two medicines, vonicog alfa (Veyvondi®) and abiraterone, after assessing them through the One Wales Medicines process.

Vonicog alfa (Veyvondi®) can be used for the treatment of non-surgical and surgical bleeding episodes in children aged up to 17 years with severe von Willebrand disease (VWD). Currently vonicog alfa (Veyvondi®) is only licensed for use in people with VWD aged 18 years and older, therefore only adults have been able to have treatment with it routinely in NHS Wales. After reviewing the evidence summary report (ESR) compiled by AWTTC, the One Wales Medicines Advisory Group (OWMAG) recommended that vonicog alfa should also be available for use in children as an alternative to plasma-derived von Willebrand factor (VWF) treatments.  

Abiraterone, given in combination with prednisolone, can be used within NHS Wales for the treatment of non-metastatic and locally advanced, high-risk, hormone-sensitive prostate cancer. OWMAG considered that the evidence provided in the ESR was sufficient to recommend its off-label use for this group of patients, and that it could offer an alternative to current chemotherapy options.

The use of vonicog alfa and abiraterone in the patient groups considered is unlicensed. Prescribers are reminded that the risks and benefits for each medicine should be clearly stated and discussed with patients or their carers to allow informed consent, and prescribers should consult the guidelines on prescribing unlicensed medicines.

AWTTC will review the advice for each medicine after 12 months or earlier if new evidence becomes available.

More about the One Wales Medicines process, including a new video explaining how the process works is available at  

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