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Drug safety

Here you will find links to:

  • Drug Safety Updates: Published Drug Safety Updates containing newly emerging medication safety issues and letters sent to healthcare professionals
  • List of black triangle drugs: A list of medicines that are under additional monitoring.
  • Interactive Drug Analysis Prints: Complete listings of all reported suspected adverse drug reactions
  • Useful links: links to other information sources

Drug Safety Updates

The Drug Safety Updates (DSUs) are monthly electronic bulletins from the MHRA and Commission on Human Medicines.

Drug Safety Updates are essential reading for all healthcare professionals, bringing you the very latest information and advice to support the safer use of medicines.

List of Black Triangle Drugs

A list of Black Triangle medicines is available on the European Medicines Agency website.

This provides details of all medicines that are subjected to additional monitoring. For all Black Triangle medicines any suspected adverse drug reaction should be reported via the Yellow Card Scheme.

Interactive Drug Analysis Prints

The Interactive Drug Analysis Prints (iDAPs) give a complete listing of all UK suspected adverse drug reactions (ADRs) that have been reported to the MHRA through the Yellow Card scheme.

Each Drug Analysis Print lists the suspected reactions reported for a particular medicine. Medicines are listed by the name of the active ingredient, and not by the brand name. The name of the active substances in medicines can be found on the medicine pack or in the accompanying patient information leaflet.

When looking at the Drug Analysis Print it is important to bear in mind that the reactions that have been reported are only suspected reactions. They have not been proven to be caused by the medicine.

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