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Safeguarding users of opioid patches by standardising patient and caregiver counselling

The aim of the counselling checklist is to assist healthcare professionals, working in community pharmacies, primary care and secondary care, in the essential counselling of patients on the safe and effective use of opioid patches. The inclusion of a checklist for patients/carers to refer to following counselling will also encourage the safe use of opioid patches.

These resources have been updated to capture the MHRA drug safety updates published in September 2020: Fentanyl patches for non-cancer pain: do not use in opioid-naive patients and Opioids: risk of dependence and addiction.
⇩ Safeguarding Users of Opioid Patches by Standardising Patient and Caregiver Counselling 376KB (PDF)

The counselling checklist and patient information (English and Welsh) are also available below as separate documents.

⇩ Opioid Patch Safety - Counselling Checklist 49KB (PDF)
⇩ Opioid Patch Information to Keep Patients Safe 89KB (PDF)
⇩ Gwybodaeth am Glytiau Opioid er mwyn Cadw Cleifion yn Ddiogel 127KB (PDF)

September 2016: Original publication
August 2018: Minor update to include information on co-sleeping
December 2020: Minor update to include information from MHRA drug safety updates published in September 2020

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