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Primary care antimicrobial guidelines

This guideline was developed to provide comprehensive advice on the antimicrobial management of common infections in primary care, taking into account local pathogen and antimicrobial susceptibility data in Wales. The development of the guideline has included all recently published primary care guidelines from organisations including the National Institute of Clinical Excellence (NICE), Public Health England (PHE) and the British Association of sexual Health and HIV (BASHH). Where possible, antimicrobial treatment choices were selected to minimise the risk of failing treatment due to current antimicrobial resistance, as well as minimising the risk of acquiring Clostridioides difficile infection or developing further antimicrobial resistance.

Using the correct antibiotics only when needed, with the correct dose intervals and for the correct duration, is vital to help tackle growing antibiotic resistance. These guidelines aim to provide a simple, effective, economical and empirical approach to the treatment of common infections; to minimise the emergence of bacterial resistance in the community.

⇩ Primary Care Antimicrobial Guidelines 924KB (PDF)

(Published - March 2022)
(Updated - May 2023)

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