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National Prescribing Indicators 2019-2020

The NPIs for 2019–2020 comprise eleven measures, each of which has been organised into one of three categories with a focus on safety, stewardship or efficiency. The new or updated NPIs for 2019–2020 include:

  • Monitoring of sodium valproate prescribing in female patients aged 14–45 has been added to the Prescribing Safety Indicators
  • Proton pump inhibitor indicator has been moved from the Efficiency category to the Safety category
  • Opioid burden measure has been added as part of the Analgesics indicator.
⇩ National Prescribing Indicators 2019–2020 1,726KB (PDF)

Associated resources:

⇩ National Prescribing Indicators 2019–2020: Supporting Information for Prescribers and Healthcare Professionals 347KB (PDF)
⇩ National Prescribing Indicators 2019–2020 - Slide Set 2,571KB (PowerPoint)
⇩ National Prescribing Indicators 2019–2020 - Specifications 237KB (PDF)
⇩ Local Comparators 2019–2020 224KB (PDF)
National Prescribing Indicators 2019-2020: Quarterly reports

Quarterly reports summarising the performance of each health board against the 2019-2020 set of National Prescribing Indicators.

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