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ambrisentan (Volibris®)


Status: In progress

Treatment of PAH in adolescents and children (aged 8 to less than 18 years) of WHO Functional Class (FC) II to III including use in combination treatment. Efficacy has been shown in IPAH, familial, corrected congenital and in PAH associated with connective tissue disease.

Medicine details

Medicine name ambrisentan (Volibris®)
Formulation 2.5 mg, 5 mg, 10 mg film-coated tablet
Reference number 4819

As above

Company GlaxoSmithKline UK
BNF chapter Cardiovascular system
Submission type Licence extension for paediatric use
Status In progress
Advice number TBC
AWMSG meeting date 18/10/2022
Date of issue TBC
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