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AWMSG Strategy for Wales: 2024-2029

Front cover image of the AWMSG Strategy for 2024 to 2029 The All Wales Medicines Strategy Group (AWMSG) Strategy, which aligns to the priorities of both NHS Wales and Welsh Government, will play an important part in ensuring all people in Wales can receive health services that meet their needs. AWMSG will collaborate with key partner organisations across NHS Wales so that together they can work towards meeting their four ambitions: improving outcomes for patients; ensuring the right medicines are available at the right time; minimising medicines-related harm and improving safety; and optimising the value the NHS achieves from its investments in medicines.

The strategy aims to make significant progress in a broad range of objectives that have been grouped under eight Goals:

  1. Advice, resources and guidance reflect the priorities and needs of people and health and social care professionals in Wales
  2. AWMSG advice, resources and guidance are disseminated, widely promoted and routinely implemented
  3. Data and technology are used to improve value, patient outcomes and safety
  4. Medicines assessment processes are rigorous, timely and deliver value
  5. Health and social care professionals receive high-quality training in the safe and effective use of medicines
  6. People in Wales take their medicines in a way that maximises their health outcomes
  7. Waste associated with medicines use is reduced and sustainability is improved
  8. The benefits of genetic-informed precision medicines are realised in Wales.

Please read the full strategy document for more information, and get in touch with if you have any questions.

⇩ AWMSG Strategy for Wales: 2024-2029 1.2MB (PDF)

(Published April 2024)

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