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Withdrawal of national desflurane contract in Wales

This project aims to stop all use of the anaesthetic gas desflurane in hospitals in Wales. This is because of its excessive environmental impact, lack of clinical benefit when compared to more recently available alternatives, and high cost.

Decarbonisation: inhaler prescribing, use and disposal 2023–2030. A national strategy for Wales

This document sets out a national strategy to reduce the carbon footprint of inhalers in Wales, and outlines the key actions for the NHS and its partners in Wales to:

  • reduce over-reliance on reliever inhalers;
  • reduce the use of inhalers with a high global warming potential; and
  • ensure the responsible disposal of inhalers.
Maximising the opportunity presented by biosimilar medicines – A national strategy for Wales

This strategy sets out the steps the NHS and its partners in Wales will take to support the conditions needed to create a strong, competitive biological and biosimilar medicines’ market in the UK benefiting the NHS, patients and the economy of Wales.

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