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Common ailments formulary

The All Wales Common Ailments Formulary was initially developed to support the implementation of the Welsh Government Common Ailments service in pharmacies in two pathfinder sites in Wales. The Common Ailments service aims to improve patient access to consistent, evidence-based advice for the management of common ailments. The formulary was developed using recognised resources and involved multi-professional consultation to ensure the provision of consistent advice by pharmacists and GPs; the advice contained in the formulary regarding the appropriate management and selection of medicines for a range of common minor ailments will therefore be relevant to all professionals involved in the management of such conditions. The formulary may be updated periodically, so please check that you are accessing the latest version.

⇩ All Wales Common Ailments Formulary 677KB (PDF)

(February 2018) - For use from 1st October 2018

Patient information leaflets to accompany the formulary have been developed and are available here. They will be available through the CAS module from 5th November 2018.

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