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Status: One Wales interim decision

Using the agreed starting and stopping criteria, rituximab can continue to be made available within NHS Wales for the second-line treatment of pemphigus (excluding pemphigus vulgaris) and fourth-line treatment of pemphigoid disease in adults and children whose disease has not responded to previous treatments including steroids and steroid-sparing agents.

Rituximab is not licensed to treat this indication and is therefore ‘off-label’. Each provider organisation must ensure all internal governance arrangements are completed before this medicine is prescribed.

The risks and benefits of the off-label use of rituximab for this indication should be clearly stated and discussed with the patient to allow informed consent.

Providers should consult the General Medical Council Guidelines on prescribing unlicensed medicines before any off-label medicines are prescribed.

This advice will be reviewed after 12 months or earlier if new evidence becomes available.

 OWID with evidence review and start stop. Rituximab for pemphigus. OW10. 2022.pdf (PDF, 137Kb)

Medicine details

Medicine name rituximab
Formulation Concentrate for solution for infusion
Reference number OW10

Treatment of adults and children with pemphigus (excluding pemphigus vulgaris) after failure of first-line treatments, including steroids and steroid-sparing treatments, and after failure of third-line treatments for pemphigoid disease, including steroids and steroid-sparing treatments

Company Various
BNF chapter Skin
Submission type One Wales
Status One Wales interim decision
Date of issue 01/08/2017
Date of last review 17/05/2022
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