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mepolizumab (Nucala®)


Status: One Wales interim decision

It is the view of the One Wales Medicines Assessment Group (OWMAG) that mepolizumab (Nucala®) should not be supported within NHS Wales for the treatment of chronic eosinophilic pneumonia.

Individual Patient Funding Request (IPFR) consideration remains appropriate for those patients who are likely to obtain significantly more clinical benefit from the intervention than would normally be expected at a reasonable value for money.

In November 2019 OWMAG did not recommend this treatment in NHS Wales, in June 2023 there was the third review of this recommendation. OWMAG found nothing new that affects the original decision.

Next review: this decision will be reviewed again after three years or earlier if new evidence becomes available.

 One Wales Interim Descision with evidence review. Mepolizumab for CEP. OW15. 2023.pdf (PDF, 150Kb)

Medicine details

Medicine name mepolizumab (Nucala®)
Formulation Solution for injection
Reference number OW15

Treatment of chronic eosinophilic pneumonia

Company GlaxoSmithKline
BNF chapter Respiratory system
Submission type One Wales
Status One Wales interim decision
Date of issue 23/12/2019
Date of last review 03/08/2023
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