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Submit horizon scanning information

AWTTC's horizon scanning team gathers information about new medicines, indications and formulations that are in development and are expected to be licensed and made available in the UK in the next financial year. They also collect information about Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products in development that may become available in the next three to five years.

This supports the planning, introduction and faster adoption of new medicines in NHS Wales, particularly those that may have significant cost or service planning implications.

The horizon scanning team use several sources to collect information about new medicines being developed. The team store this information in a secure database from which they produce confidential horizon scanning reports for NHS Wales.

AWTTC supports, and is fully engaged with, the UK-wide horizon scanning database UK PharmaScan. This is the horizon scanning team's primary source of information about new medicines, indications and formulations in development. All the UK's national horizon scanning organisations use UK PharmaScan. Companies are encouraged to register with and use UK PharmaScan to make sure that NHS Wales can plan for their products. You can find out more about UK PharmaScan and register on the UK PharmaScan website: https//

Pharmaceutical companies can also tell AWTTC about new medicines, indications and formulations that are likely to become available for use in the UK by emailing the horizon scanning team at  As an alternative to email, companies may wish to upload documents containing commercially sensitive information directly to the AWTTC Vault, a secure file sharing portal. Please contact us to arrange secure access to our Vault.

Horizon scanning and early company engagement also supports the planning of our medicines appraisal work programme. For medicines that are expected to receive marketing authorization within 6 months you can send us an initial submission form (Form A). Find out more about our medicines appraisal process in our Submit for AWMSG appraisal section.

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