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Appraisal policy for medicines developed to treat severe conditions

AWMSG reviewed its health technology assessment methods and processes. In May 2023 we implemented the recommendations from the review and introduced a severity modifier. The severity modifier aims to more accurately reflect social values and preferences in our decision-making processes.

The New Medicines Group and the AWMSG will consider additional criteria when appraising medicines developed to treat severe conditions, to assess the severity of the condition being treated. This assessment will be conducted for medicines that offer improvements in terms of quality of life and/or survival.

The appraisal process for medicines to treat severe conditions aligns with AWMSG’s appraisal process for all other medicines. Applicant companies should indicate in their appraisal submission if they think the severity modifier will apply. When appraising the medicine, AWMSG has the final decision about applying the severity modifier.


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