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New medicines needing your views

Your insights could make a real difference to patients in Wales. We want to hear from individuals or small groups of patients and carers, and large patient organisations.

The All Wales Medicines Strategy Group (AWMSG) advises Welsh Government about whether a new medicine should be used in NHS Wales. Insight into the real effects of a health condition or medicine on patients, and their families and carers, adds a vital human dimension to their assessments.

Tell us about your experiences and any medicines you are, or were, taking. It's important to tell us if you feel your treatment needs are not being met. We've listed the medicines we're currently assessing on our work in progress page.

Please fill in our questionnaire online, or download it to fill in and email to us at If you'd like us to send you a copy to fill in, please contact us. Your responses will be included in the appraisal meeting papers for AWMSG members.

We welcome responses from patients and their families and carers, and patient organisations.

Any questions?

We answer some frequently asked questions below:

AWTTC also produces prescribing guidance and other medicines resources to help patients and healthcare professionals in Wales make sure that medicines are used effectively and appropriately. We'd like your views on the resources we're currently working on - more about these can also be found on our work in progress page.

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